A day of unfortunate events in Florence (Day 1)

Alin Sas

Full time world traveller, part time IT Consultant, oh wait, might be the other way around, or is it? Why “iwilltraveltheworld.com”? I’ve started this project because I want to promote travelling and backpacking, I want people to share experiences from around the world and to facilitate the flow of information to other people that are travelling or thinking about travelling.

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  1. Madalina says:

    Ha! With “some help”? Friends are always kept out, even when their cars break :(. Especially when you go to their favorite place in this whole world. Well, so far at least…lots to be seen still. 😛 Congrats on the blog 😉

  1. November 18, 2015

    […] go and get myself a seat at a table and despite the last night’s experiences, I wasn’t disappointed at all about the quality of my breakfast, actually it was better than […]

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