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Road to Colorado / California (pit stop/Jay)

I apologize in advance as the next couple entries may be slightly on the longer side. I wake up pretty early as my planned pit stop was about a 19 hour drive. This would be one of the longest drives that I do this entire trip. I lost count of how many coffees and energy drinks I had, but it was probably enough caffeine to kill a horse. As I was driving through Illinois, It started to open up and become peaceful. I also started to notice a slight change in the music as I was heading further out west...


Born in the USA

I’m a twenty something year old on a journey of adventure and soul searching to find his true self. I’m not the most adventurous or outgoing type….. at least until October of 2015. I’ve always said I wanted to travel, but was scared to do it alone, or even with people. I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere New Jersey. (No, New Jersey is not summed up as the Jersey shore…Newark…Camden…etc) I was always shy and not confident as my best friend from childhood turned against me and wouldn’t defend the onslaught of the rest...