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A day of fortunate events in Florence (Day 2 / Part 1)

It’s Saturday morning, I’m in Florence and first thing in my mind is why the hell am I awake at 9:00 in the morning? During the week I’m struggling to get up early and now what? It’s weekend and I can’t even sleep properly? Is this a habit now? what kind of irony is this!? Heh, I know it might sound a bit over-dramatic and I bet this happens quite often to many of us. OK, I’m awake and I take my fully charged phone along with a city map that I’ve grabbed from the hostel reception last night and...


A day of unfortunate events in Florence (Day 1)

Florence? well…  the story of the first day of my weekend break to Florence (the day of unfortunate events) goes like this: I was supposed to leave for the Stansted airport to catch my flight to Florence on a Friday afternoon but because of a horrible day at work I couldn’t leave early and I’ve almost lost the flight. Luckily, with some help with Madalina‘s help whose car almost died on the way to the airport, I’ve managed to get there. Despite everything, it turned up to be an amazing weekend break. When I’ve arrived in Florence it was late, just...