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The Road to Illinois (Chris and Laura)

So my Journey begins in Illinois. The drive from Jersey….long and dark. I did pass a sign in Pennsylvania that was for a town called Jersey Shore, which kind of threw me off. The sun just began to come up as I was working my way though Indiana, and let me tell you… it is flat and boring and had lots of cornfields. Once I finally got out of there and into Illinois, the first exciting area I see is Chicago. Now being from Jersey the only city I really ever seen is NYC. So seeing a new city skyline...


Born in the USA

I’m a twenty something year old on a journey of adventure and soul searching to find his true self. I’m not the most adventurous or outgoing type….. at least until October of 2015. I’ve always said I wanted to travel, but was scared to do it alone, or even with people. I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere New Jersey. (No, New Jersey is not summed up as the Jersey shore…Newark…Camden…etc) I was always shy and not confident as my best friend from childhood turned against me and wouldn’t defend the onslaught of the rest...