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Plaiul Nucului – The stuff fairy-tales are made of (Part 2)

When in doubt, take a vacation – this quote can be a motto in life, one that has proven to be true every single step of the way or should I say, the journey. The worst thing in the morning after drinking enough booze for several people is waking up, feeling your head heavy and say: “I’m never drinking again”, but that’s just until the next time. Well, getting out of the house after training for the 100m hurdles, over the sleeping people was in itself a challenge, but as all challenges, you receive a small reward at the end....


Plaiul Nucului – The stuff fairy-tales are made of (Part 1)

Like all fairytales begin, once upon a time in a kingdom far far away…well, not so far, about 180 km from the city I live in, Bucharest, there was Plaiul Nucului, the place where our story begins. It was your average September day and I was surfing the internet when a Facebook event caught my eye saying “Autumn trekking to Plaiul Nucului“. Now the idea of going trekking in this area wasn’t a particularly new one, but there was never really time for it, at least not until now. The time slot fitted like a glove in my October schedule. Let’s...